Welcome to ENR

Your source for assured supplies of Indonesian, South African, Russian and Australian coal that is delivered on time, on price and on quality. ENR is a diversified trading and resources company specializing in seaborne coal from Indonesia. We are a Singapore based company with offices in India, Dubai and Indonesia and a network of customers across the globe.

Is coal your goal?

You have come to the right place. ENR specializes in delivering contracted coal in desired quantities and qualities from our dedicated and long-standing relationships with coal miners from Indonesia, Australia, South Africa and Russia.

Seeking long term contracts for coal supplies?

If your industry requires long term commitment to quality coal – speak to us. We have off-take agreements with several branded mines in Indonesia, South Africa, Russia and Australia which gives us access to over 11 million metric tonnes of coal of various grades annually.

Traders by trade, Service providers at heart

While trading is our calling, we are service providers at heart, working alongside with our partners in fulfilling their resource and supply chain requirements in a manner that is seamless and hassle free. We believe in commitments and stand by our contracts every time. We believe more in the quality of our relationships with our suppliers and clients rather than solely focusing on the quantity of trade we move.

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